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Cleaning-free siphon with lid
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For shower trays with a 90 mm drain diameter

The Visolva cleaning-free siphon prevents hair and dirt from accumulating on the walls of the siphon, causing blockages or foul odours.

Our patented system allows water to drain away quickly. By avoiding corners and edges, hair has no chance of getting caught and flows with the waste water into the sewage system.

More benefits:

  • high flow velocity
  • smooth surfaces prevent deposition of biofilm
  • inner part can easily be removed
  • high barrier water level prevents odour nuisance
  • made in Switzerland


Due to high demand, delivery is expected to take place from summer 2023. We will contact you in good time before delivery.


Scope of delivery:

  • siphon
  • waterproofing above and below
  • installation aid
  • installation manual
  • lid



Diameter: 90 mm
Diameter outlet: 50 mm
Installation height: 82 mm
Flowrate: 24 l / min
Lid with 120 mm Diameter

Only suitable for shower trays with a drain diameter of 90 mm


Design by Thomas Gerig


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